Trump Supporters: We Need Your Help.

I keep seeing posts telling people to get over this election, to stop whining because they lost. I see friends commenting saying that its not a big deal. People are sharing videos telling everyone who doesn’t like Donald Trump to just accept the fact that they lost. I’m hearing people compare the heartache of Trump’s opposition to the disappointment Romney supporters felt after the 2012 elections.

What you don’t understand is that a lot of us have cried ourselves to sleep the past few nights. We’re not crying because we’re sad that we lost. We’re crying because we are afraid. 

We’re afraid because the reason we opposed this man so strongly is because he stands against everything some of us believe in.  We’re not just scared of what he will do with his Presidential power, we are scared about the fact that he has support. We are afraid that the strides that this wonderful country has made towards equality might be taken away. We are afraid that our friends may be attacked, or sent out of the country because they have a different skin color. We are afraid that the men in this country might follow the example of their leader. We are scared that they will start treating women as objects who are valued only for their looks, rather than intellectual equals who deserve respect. We are afraid that the religious freedom that makes our country so wonderful might disappear. We are worried that violence will be encouraged, that respect and kindness will vanish, and that hate will become normal. It may not seem logical to you, but we are worried that the promises this man has made will come true.

We are not just worried about Donald Trump being in office for four years, we are terrified to see that the majority of our country supports these ideals.

Please prove us wrong.

I have had conversations with many of you. I have asked you to explain how you could vote for a man who does not respect my rights. I have told you about the men who have already felt they have a right to my body, or told me that being intelligent is unattractive. I have talked to you about how I am scared that this will get worse. I have shared stories of the racism I have seen, of the misogyny I have experienced, and of the intolerance I have watched. You have told me that you don’t condone these things. You have told me that this is not what you voted for.

Show me.

Show me and show everyone like me. Show us that you hear us. Show us that even if you voted for Donald Trump, you don’t support the things he has said and done. Show us that you even if you agree with his policies, you won’t tolerate the way he treats people. Show us that you’re with us.

He will be our president. This is our reality. Many of you are feeling happy, but so many of us are feeling heartbroken. Please stop telling us to stop caring. Please stop telling us that we are irrational for believing the messages of his campaign. Please stop minimizing our feelings. Please, even if you cannot relate… try to understand.

Some of us feel abandoned. Many of us feel hated and disrespected. A lot of us are fearful.

If you voted for Donald Trump in spite of all that we see he stands for, say so.  If it tore you apart to pick what you thought was the lesser of two evils, tell us. Tell us that we don’t need to worry, not because it’s not a big deal… but because you’re going to stop it. Tell us that you’re going to fight against him when he is wrong. Tell us that you won’t stand behind him when he attacks us.

Please take a stand with us.

Please, please, please…

Help us. We need you to show us that we are wrong. 






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9 thoughts on “Trump Supporters: We Need Your Help.

  1. I completely understand your plight. I have many friends that are hurting right now and I want to be kind and loving and let them know I love them. I do however think that the majority of voters are not racists, or bigots, or any of those statements and had their own worries for their future that they felt were in danger from the other side. I think that listening to everyone is the best thing we can do. Spreading more hate and more fear is not the answer by any means ever. I am not trying to start anything, but I have noticed the republicans I know are tired of being labeled automatically as a racist and a bigot because we don’t all agree with the other side. Like I said however, I do want those who are hurting to know I am here for them but please let them remember we aren’t all what we are being labeled as and to give us a chance to show you that.

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    1. Please understand that many people who oppose illegal immigration are not opposed to immigration, nor do they want to send people away just because of the color of their skin. The more people live in a community, the more taxes need to be paid into support the community, such as public schools. It is impossible to pay taxes without a social security number, and if you are undocumented, you do not have a ssn. These people are reaping the rewards of others’ tax payments, without giving any themselves. Even if they are paying sales tax, that is still not as much as documented citizens have to pay, lest they go to jail, including people who are at least as poor as these immigrants, and many of which are non-white themselves. Living off the work of others without equally contributing is also known as slavery.

      Furthermore, if someone committed violent crimes outside the U.S., they could just slip in here, pretend it never happened, and no one would ever know, because they don’t expect them to identify themselves. Do you want someone like that moving in next door to you?

      The issue with illegal immigration has absolutely nothing to do with skin color. Mexico itself has immigration laws and would not allow illegal immigrants to roam free on their land. Does that make them horrible people?

      If it is difficult for people to become legal citizens or residents here, then we need to change the way it works to make proper immigration more possible, but completely ignoring immigration laws is hurting and will only continue to hurt people in America of all races.


  2. I don’t think the majority of Trump supporters are those things either, and I am definitely not trying to label anyone as that in this post so I’m sorry if it came across that way. What I am trying to say is that I don’t believe you are those things, and I need you to say that, and I need you to act like it. The reason so many of us are upset and feeling hated is that we don’t see any of his supporters saying “Yes what he did there was wrong” we just see them saying “What he did there was no big deal”. I have a lot of friends who voted for Hillary who do the same thing with her, but I also have a lot of Hillary friends who say “the email situation was not okay and I’m very disappointed in her for that. I don’t agree with what happened in Benghazi, in spite of that… I feel like voting for her is securing the best country I can with the candidates I’ve been given.” I’m just not seeing that from Trump’s supporters, and it’s hard that they can’t at least offer that concession. I was a McMullin supporter – but I was also the first to say that I didn’t feel he had the most experience, and that I wasn’t 100% supportive of him on every single issue. I have also openly condemned things the candidates I’m voting for are saying before because I think that’s important. Backing a candidate does not have to mean staying silent when they are wrong.


    1. I agree that both candidates have issues, I think that a lot of people however are afraid to say anything because of how judgemental society has become on both sides of every story, and how people will now change how they treat others based on a simple opinion because we lived in such mixed communities. I’m. It saying it’s ok to judge like that but I do understand it. Thank you for your comments and I really am not trying to be contentious with my comments 🙂


  3. I’m a Republican and voted against the Big Two candidates. They seem to be selfish, corrupt, and power hungry. And just like some people are manic-depressive, Trump seems to have both sides of the Victim-Bully spectrum covered perfectly. He reminds me of Jafar from Alladin. I hope we manage to keep that genie in the bottle.

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  4. The mainstream press has reported very inaccurately and with great bias against Trump. Much of what people are attributing to him and who he is is simply not accurate. There were things he said and hand jestures he made that the media doctored up to make it look like he said and did things he didn’t say or do. Much can be done to take things out of context and to cut and splice videos. There is edidence that the press repeatedly did just that! We have been fed a load of crap by the media about Trump. An 11 year old private conversation he had was used against him. Those close to him and familiar with him know him to not be the man he was 11 years ago and even then, talk is not action. He was not raised with the same values we were. Many men unfortunately talk in very crass and even lewd ways in locker rooms and in private conversation with other men. I don’t condone it in any way but, at the same time, when stacked against the consequences of losing our freedom by the secret combination funded left, I chose an outsider who was willing to follow another way, a way of freedom on many levels. I also noticed where the money was coming from to fight him. When I see secret combinations put millions upon millions in to fight a person, that tells me something right there. My answer to prayer to support Trump, after he had gotten the nomination came as a complete shock to me. I trusted in the Lord and haven’t looked back. The Lord can work through very imperfect people as he did Cyrus. The Lord said he knew Cyrus even though Cyrus didn’t know him.(Isaiah 45) The Lord knows Donald Trump. He might not know the Lord, at least very well yet but like Cyrus, his plan is to build, unlike the plan on the left which seemed to me to be tearing down so much of what is lovely and of good report. I chose Trump because I believe the Lord choose him for this time.


    1. 1. An 11 year old private conversation by a married man in his 50s who should know much better. If any one of the men in our family had a conversation like that would you just brush it off or act like it’s not a big deal? No, it’s a very big deal Most of the reasons people are against Hillary have to do with stuff that happened years ago… does that make Benghazi okay??? What about the emails? I actually have spoken to people who are close to him, people who worked for his campaign and stopped because he was not someone they felt deserved their support or assistance.People who are devout Republicans. I have yet to meet someone personally who has worked with him and has good things to say.

      2. I am absolutely horrified that you are trying to minimize what he said, especially when he was discussing his actions. That is not okay, and as an elite businessman he definitely knows better. This is not some kid on the streets of Harlem. This is a grown man.

      3. He is willing to follow freedom, but only for some of the population. What about Mexican-Americans? What about the Muslims? What about the homosexuals? Is your freedom the only freedom that matters?

      4. My answers to prayer were clearly different than yours and I am not going to try to say that your revelation was incorrect. But I will tell you that my revelation was based on selecting a candidate with Christlike characteristics and policies, policies that did not involve hatred or exclusion. Maybe the Lord told you to vote for Trump over Hillary. That is possible. That is not what this post is about. This post is not me trying to tell you that you are wrong. This post is me asking you to stand up and say that those comments he has made against women and minorities are wrong. Even if you voted for him as president, you need to stand up and say that those principles are not things that you agree with. It is important. It is important because people are scared. I have seen women in Hijab’s crying this week and looking at me afraid because I am white. I have seen African Americans who are angry and scared because our country voted in someone who does not respect them. I have friends who are immigrants who no longer feel welcome or loved. I don’t believe that is how you want to make them feel… but if you do not stand up and say so they have no reason to believe differently. Your vote says that you support him… you need to specify which of those pieces of him you support, or they have every right to make those assumptions. Silence is dangerous. I truly believe that “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”. Stand with him on policies you agree with him on, but you have to stand against him when he is wrong.


  5. Again, so well put. I’m passionate about obtaining information from quality sources. Quality news sources include NPR, the BBC, Washington Post, London Times, the New York Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, Time Magazine, and a good local newspaper. Legitimate news sources belong to the Society of Professional Journalists and adhere to defined tenets of Journalistic Ethics. In contrast, FoxNews is highly partisan. It tries desperately and relentlessly (and often successfully to its loyal followers) to discredit sources that accurately convey the news. Our First Amendment Rights to a Free Press should be valued, not be abdicated to silly, puffed up, misleading Fox, as one commenter above appears to have done, and which I see frequently.

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