Ever since I learned all of those cool lessons back in 2013 (read it – it helps this post make more sense – especially Part 2) I have adapted a new motto for myself:


It reminds me that what brings me happiness and helps me grow closer to God is keeping my focus “upward” toward God, and “outward” toward those I can serve.  This focus is also what allows me to move forward and progress in life, regardless of circumstance.

I’ve learned over and over again that The Lord cannot guide my footsteps if I am not moving. 

He won’t always tell me every turn I need to make, but he will put me in the places I need to be if I just keep moving forward.

That is what IMUA means to me.  It’s my reminder to keep moving forward, trusting God, even when I can’t see the whole picture.  It’s my reminder to keep my focus upward and outward, to be less self-absorbed and more caught up in doing God’s will.  It’s my reminder that I am in His hands and everything will be okay. 

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset
I got this gorgeous stack of bracelets, including my customized “IMUA” bracelet, from  The Shine Project is an amazing organization that helps inner city youth become first generation college students.  You can find out more about their mission and how you can support them by visiting their website:, and following them on instagram: @theshineproject.



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