Smile And Pack Fast

As many of you who follow me on Facebook saw, last Sunday was a bit of a crazy day for me.  I had been planning on moving into my new apartment on Thursday, but got a text message from my current landlord in the middle of church saying “we have to get you out today.  All the other girls are coming tomorrow morning”. (Which, for the record, is TOTALLY illegal.)

After what felt like a million phone calls and text messages, a few hours of shoving things into boxes as fast as possible, lots of cleaning, an army of help  (thank you everyone who responded to my panicked text messages and Facebook posts), and too many tender mercies to count, I finally got everything moved over to my new place.

It all worked out okay, and I was able to get enough help to have everything moved in less than 6 hours, but let me tell ya… I was not a happy camper about the situation.  I was understandably ticked at my landlord for not talking to the girls earlier to find out their move-in date.  I didn’t understand how she could have such a major oversight; and I was especially irritated because I had asked about their move-in dates several times over the past few weeks so I could make sure the apartment was move-in ready.

That night as I was writing in my gratitude journal (HIGHLY recommend those), thinking about how grateful I was for the nice apartment I now live in, I realized something…

If my landlord had done her job right, I would be living in an overpriced, ghetto apartment.

I had been apartment hunting like crazy the week before, and everything I had found was either way out of my price range, way too small, completely trashed and in a SKETCHY neighborhood, or had a landlord with serious rage issues (Generally all of the above).

I wasn’t able to see the apartment I actually decided on until Friday, and the second I walked in I was sold.  It’s cheaper than anything else I could find, classy, has just the right amount of room for all my stuff, comes with two lovely LDS roommates with fabulous taste in decor, and is managed by the sweetest lady I’ve ever met.


But as I thought about it I realized, I would have never even seen this apartment if I would have known about the other girls moving in sooner.

I would have taken the first place I could find, regardless of how trashy, small, and overpriced it was.  I would have probably moved in already and would likely have been stabbed on my walk home (jk… but really, some of those places were SKETCH).

Exhibit A. It’s hard to get the full effect without the smoke/cat-pee/weed/B.O. smell, and the other tenants hanging out who I’m 99% sure were stoned… but trust me, it was much worse than this picture makes it out to be. This was my next best option.
So I guess what I want to share with this post is this:  There will be times when life is chaotic and unfair, but remember that Heavenly Father might be using that chaos as the way to protect you and direct you to something better, something PERFECT.

So when you feel like you’re being forced into an unexpected move you’re not ready for, just try to smile and pack fast. 

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