I KNOW He lives.

Yesterday I posted a status update on Facebook listing several of my favorite quotes from the first two sessions of LDS General Conference.  Today a comment was made by a friend of mine on that post.

God is real.

I know that God exists.  I know this not by scientific reasoning or logic, but by faith.  However, in spite of the fact that I do not believe logic is the key to understanding God, I would like to share the two biggest pieces of logic I do have for those who may not understand or believe in faith.

1) Have you ever SEEN love?  No, because love is something that cannot be seen.  You can see the effects of love, you can see people in love, you can see acts of love, you can see the changes love makes, and you can definitely FEEL love… but you cannot see love itself.

God cannot be seen directly by us now, but his effects can. I bet you have FELT love before, for family, friends, and those you were in relationships with.  How do you know that you love them? Was there something you saw or a direct equation that added up to love? Probably not.  Does that mean that love was not real because it was not an object to be seen? I don’t think so.

I know that this gospel is true because I can FEEL it. I can feel happiness, joy, confidence, and strength when I live it, and I can feel the sadness, loneliness, confusion, and weakness when I go against it. I can feel the direct consequences to my actions, and I can see the way my life changes when I choose to believe.

2) My existence, your existence, and everything on this entire planet are evidence of His existence.

Imagine putting all of the parts of a clock into a bag and shaking it up, how long do you think it would take before the parts fit together to make a functioning clock?  Logically it would never happen. Science without God tries to use this logic for the beginnings of not only an entire planet, but life itself, and each individual organism within life, along with all of the elements necessary for it’s survival.  I’m not buying it.  It takes more faith to believe that this all happened randomly, than it does to believe in a creator.

After establishing that he took the time to create us and everything in this beautiful world, it then makes no sense to think that he would create so many amazing things and then forget about them.

He has a hand in our lives, He guides us, He helps us, He answer our prayers, He loves us.

This life makes sense, and so does science, but only with God included in the equation.

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